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Legal advice on an unlimited number of personal legal issues from lawyers with an average of 22 years of experience.


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Give my client back his money

I really didn't care how our lawyer was going to get my money back... As long as they did... Some companies are just flat out bullies. But with our lawyers on deand it levels the ground between you and these big companies who tries to bully the small people...So legal shield helps us small people have a bigger voice... Thanks again!

Date of experience: March 02, 2023

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Get legal support to protect and grow your business with document review, debt collection, and more.


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Love the app!

Love the app. The attorneys responded in the time they said they would according to legal shield, and were very helpful. Customer service is good! The attorney was efficient in answering my questions about our lease, and some charges are land lord was adding to our account balance.

Date of experience: February 14, 2023

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Start your business legally and correctly, so you can crush your goals with confidence.


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An Excellent Service

Our Legal Lawyers are quick to respond to any issues or questions I have about legal matters. They are always courteous, professional, and explain all of the options for any given situation in detail so I understand fully what way I can choose to go from there. Highly recommend!

Date of experience: March 13, 2023

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